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Faculty of Education
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Faculty of Education

We offer programs at the doctoral and master’s degree levels.
Educational Sciences

The Department of Educational Sciences consists of pre-service and in-service graduate programs in the area of curriculum and instruction. The in-service M.A. and Ph.D. programs offered in the Graduate School of Education are aimed at both new graduates and practising teachers. In these programs, we are able to include educators and teachers from all subject areas at all levels of educational institutions, from primary school to university level.

Curriculum and Instruction is regarded as one of the major areas of education. It embraces all aspects of the teaching and learning which occurs in schools, both in the formal curriculum and the wider aspects of extra-curricular activities. Curriculum and Instruction is concerned with the foundations of school practice and improvement. It includes curriculum planning and development, implementation and evaluation, methods of instruction and learning, instructional leadership, international perspectives on curricula, managing the learning environment, and assessing student learning and progress. Curriculum issues raised during the study lend themselves to critical enquiry, discussion, interpretation, and reflection.

Degrees offered:

English Language Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program was established in 1988 to enhance the quality of English language instruction in Turkey. It is now firmly established as one of the premier TEFL programs in Turkey, with an emphasis on research and on promoting the professional development of English Langauge teachers in higher education context in particular. Over 30 years, hundreds of teachers from around the country and region have successfully completed the program.

The M.A. in TEFL Program is designed for practising and aspiring teachers of English with a scholarly mindset. It aims to establish a theoretical and practical understanding of linguistic, pedagogical and educational foundations. It also intends to develop essential skills to conduct research for exploring issues, and expanding knowledge in the field.

Degree offered:

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